If you are looking for some ways to get ahead, change careers or boost your CV, this is the post for you! 

We've collected some upskilling resources on free courses from a number of great providers.

Why it's worth your time? McKinsey reports that "nine out of ten UK employers are struggling to recruit the skills they need, and souht after skills tend to attract a premium". Many companies will need to reskill as they move towards more digital operations - by starting now, you can be ahead of the curve. Plus, even if the knowledge you gain isn't strictly relevant to the job you're in or applying for, learning new modes of thinking and an interest in keeping up to date with digital knowledge are both attractive qualitites to an employer. 

The National Career Service (HM Gov) have pulled together a range of free course to help you learn new skills or change jobs. The courses include skills that apply to all sectors and more specialised skills, including Coding; Computer Science; Management & Sales; Professional Development and Computer Essentials. Full details can be found here

There are more than 400 free courses from Ivy League Universities on a number of topics including Computer Science; Data Science and Business & Personal Development. Find out about joing the Ivy League here. 

The brand new Grow With Google learning portal is available to help with remote working, career growth, as well as business growth. Find out more here

The Open University offers free courses on a number of topics such as: HR Management, Interview Technique and Working in Groups. Look at the catalogue here.

Udemy free courses provide training in subjects like: Python & Java, Logo design, SEO training and much more. Find out more here.  

Finally ...The university of Edinburgh also offer free short courses, some of which include: Digital Marketing Strategy; Statistics and Critical Thinking. Full details can be found on their website here

Happy Studying! 


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