What we offer

Ingenii’s client offering consists of three types of service you can choose from in order to connect you with the right candidate.


Short stay, long stay or stay forever

In tandem with the technological advancements that define our era, recruitment and employment have been almost entirely reinvented. Gone are the days of lifelong careers in one position and in one company. Increasingly, employees will typically change careers at least four times in their lifetime, and will be more inclined to switch jobs after two years or less in one organisation.

For that reason, we understand the need to be flexible and embrace all kinds of positions, on all kinds of terms, and for all lengths of time.


Permanent Recruitment

Following a detailed brief, we can find the candidate with the best skills required to move the business forward. By tapping into our valued contacts and extensive database, and executing campaigns via internet advertising and social-media platforms, we attract candidates who value longevity and fit the brief.


Temporary, Interim & Contract Recruitment

Hourly rates, daily rates or contract rates. We have many ways to help you work out what you need, what you should be paying, and whom you will get. Our specialist knowledge and experience mean that we’re able to offer timely solutions for blue-collar, white-collar or consulting employment contracts


Executive Search

Our Executive Search works on a retainer model and, as such, is a much more in-depth service offering. Because our scouts have their finger on the pulse, they are continuously finding candidates of a high calibre that fit the executive demographic.

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If you’re not sure which tier you should go for, get in touch ! We are happy to help you explore the options and choose the solution that’s best for you.


Ingenii Methodology

How it works

Our recruitment legacy allows us to give expert advice, every step of the way.

Stage 1: Understanding your needs & recommending the best course of action

Because we need to understand your organization thoroughly, we will spend time researching and interviewing your company in order to uncover your culture and values, as well as your short-, medium- and long-term goals. The time invested at this stage is essential for establishing an accurate overview and will be invaluable as we move through the process.

Stage 2: Candidate research

By attracting superior candidates and keeping track of the existing talent in our vault, Ingenii is able to find the best fit for our clients. After carefully screening candidates and identifying their unique skill set, we’re able to draw up a ‘long-list’ of potential candidates.

Stage 3: Candidate communication

We approach suitable candidates and, wherever possible, arrange a face-to-face meeting with them in order to establish whether they’re still in the same place regarding their needs, motivations and career aspirations.

Stage 4: Presentation & interviews

We then present a shortlist of candidates and agree on a timeline for an interview to take place. With our hands-on experience and by taking notes and providing feedback during this phase, we are able to provide expert advice that will assist with making the final decision.

Stage 5: Offer & counter-offer process

Our experience with the offer, negotiation and counter-offer phase means we’re in a great position to guide clients and candidates so that they make a choice that’s realistic, relevant and right for them.

Stage 6: Post-placement

By keeping in touch with the successful candidate, we’re able to ensure a smooth transition into their new workplace and position.

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