We believe…

People are more than simply a profile. That’s why we listen to our customers and provide support and solutions where and when they need it.

Whether you’re a candidate or client, you know what will work for you. We listen. We suggest. And we act on it only when you’re 100% happy with your appointment.

Job-seeking and position-filling can be a vulnerable process, which is why we work towards making connections simply and sincerely.

We thrive…

As a subsidiary of Indigo 7 Ventures Limited (I7V), Ingenii enjoys the benefits of belonging to a power-brand that has established solid connections over decades. Our ability to apply our diverse experience and expertise in our preferred sectors of interest is what sets us apart.

The I7V business model of decentralizing operations means that we’re able to offer our employees flexibility and mobility, while reducing overheads and making our bottom line more efficient.

We are passionate about using technology in innovative ways so that business – and life – runs smoothly and efficiently. And if opportunities to do things better come our way, we’re 100% dedicated to harnessing and optimizing new products, services and business practices.

We play…

Our corporate culture is the ‘Google of Recruitment’. We promote flexible working hours and foster a people-centric environment. This ensures happy employees who enjoy creative autonomy. This means we are able to establish strong long-term relationships between our employees and between our customers.

We care…

People and places are all inextricably connected. By acting locally, we can effect change globally.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the central tenets for how Indigo 7 Ventures and its subsidiaries operate. Ethical business practices, sustainable environmental policies and investment in the social environment are how we feel good about what we do.

The entire management team is tasked with developing and executing CSI initiatives that are appropriate to supporting and contributing to the diverse communities in which Ingenii and I7V operate.

We see…

Woke, awake, aware. We understand the value of staying abreast with developments with our affiliates and competitors and with the industry as a whole.

By cross-pollinating ideas, expertise and new developments, we help to foster an industry environment of collaboration, connection and healthy competition.

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